Tucked Away Plantation

The challenge: to market a beautiful property for sale in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Compass South Land Sales wanted to highlight the character and emotion of “Tucked Away Plantation.” The footage is cinematic and the soundtrack is epic! Someone will watch this film and “have to have” this beautiful place.

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Lost Highway – Fall Fashion 2013

An edgy behind-the-scenes/promo film for photographer Holger Obenaus featuring the “Lost Highway” 2013 Fall Fashion Collection.  Still cameras were Phase ONE and Linhof.  Motion cameras were Canon 5DmkIII and Sony FS700.  Edited in Premiere Pro CC with motion graphics and compositing in After FX CC. Grading was done in Colorista II.

©2013 rscottjohnson.com


Very dramatic spot for “David Schaffer Ministries.” I have really been blessed this year to have clients and partners like David Schaffer. This spot perfectly captures David’s passion for Jesus. We pulled this sound bite from one of David’s sermons delivered at “Spirit of Life,” and paired it with stock footage of an abandoned building and motion tracked graphics. For more, visit http://davidschaffer.org

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Ben Ham Images

A full time fine art landscape photographer, Ben Ham works exclusively with a wooden field camera capturing images on black and white sheet film. Driven by a passion for exploring the great outdoors, his subjects range from the Lowcountry of the South Carolina coast to the high altitudes of the Rockies, from the buttes and mesas of the Southwest to the Pacific Coast.

Ben practices a contemplative approach to his art, producing compositions that possess a presence and potency of place that cause a shift in consciousness inviting the viewer to step into the world created through the photographer’s eye. His photographs are rich in detail and strong in craft.

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LaRue Tactical “Made in the USA”

LaRue Tactical was founded in 1980 by Mark LaRue and known world-wide for sniper targets, quick-detachable mounting solutions and hyper-accurate 7.62mm and 5.56mm rifle systems. This video was created as eye-candy for everyone who appreciates precision weapons. http://www.laruetactical.com

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Drums, drums, drums!

I recently had the pleasure of famed drummer Derek Roddy bringing his kit to my studio. We are creating his new DVD that will be out this fall. During the 75 hours of staring at computer screens we found time to jam and brainstorm. One idea that I want to make happen is posting regularly to the rscottjohnson.com blog and producing BTS (Behind the scenes) videos. Derek and I had lots of “light bulb” moments that I wish had been caught on camera. Stay tuned…

Seventy Two

A short film that captures the touching connection of a 1972 Ford pickup to 3 generations of the Cope family. Now in his 40s, Timothy Brown Cope reflects on how the truck and its sentimental value played a key roll in his childhood and preserving the memory of his father and grandfather.

©2011 rscottjohnson.com

Time Traveler

Title sequence from “Time Traveler.” I filmed this on the Canon 7D and graded it in Colorista. Many thanks to thank Amanda Kravat for use of her track “Green.”

©2011 rscottjohnson.com

Blast Beats Evolved

When one of the top drummers in the world needed some motion graphics to kick off his DVD “Blast Beats Evolved,” Derek Roddy called me to see if we could make it happen. This was a great opportunity to partner with Derek and the best instructional music publishing company in the world “Hudson Music” in New York.

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The PitMaster

A short profile on “The PitMaster” Ted Huffman/Bluffton BBQ. Produced for ETV’s broadcast series “The Big Picture.” I shot this on the Canon 7d using the 16-35 f2.8 and the 70-200 f2.8. Lots of great opportunities to use the “slider.” And yes, the BBQ is awesome! My thanks to Ted and Donna.

R. Scott Johnson
Director/Camera/Editor/Music Score

©2011 rscottjohnson.com

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