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A full time fine art landscape photographer, Ben Ham works exclusively with a wooden field camera capturing images on black and white sheet film. Driven by a passion for exploring the great outdoors, his subjects range from the Lowcountry of the South Carolina coast to the high altitudes of the Rockies, from the buttes and mesas of the Southwest to the Pacific Coast.

Ben practices a contemplative approach to his art, producing compositions that possess a presence and potency of place that cause a shift in consciousness inviting the viewer to step into the world created through the photographer’s eye. His photographs are rich in detail and strong in craft.


Seventy Two

A short film that captures the touching connection of a 1972 Ford pickup to 3 generations of the Cope family. Now in his 40s, Timothy Brown Cope reflects on how the truck and its sentimental value played a key roll in his childhood and preserving the memory of his father and grandfather.


Time Traveler

Title sequence from “Time Traveler.” I filmed this on the Canon 7D and graded it in Colorista. Many thanks to thank Amanda Kravat for use of her track “Green.”


The PitMaster

A short profile on “The PitMaster” Ted Huffman/Bluffton BBQ. Produced for ETV’s broadcast series “The Big Picture.” I shot this on the Canon 7d using the 16-35 f2.8 and the 70-200 f2.8. Lots of great opportunities to use the “slider.” And yes, the BBQ is awesome! My thanks to Ted and Donna.

R. Scott Johnson
Director/Camera/Editor/Music Score


Bayer Aspirin

Tom Schuster (the “Rock Star”) and I are both fans of commercials that end with a creative twist. This spot is a good example of keeping the viewer engaged, but in the dark about what we want to convey – till the very end. Thanks to Derek Roddy for the beautiful Sonor SQ2 drum kit! Another great example of how good the Canon 7D performs in low-light.

R. Scott Johnson – Director/Editor/Camera/Music Score
Tom Schuster – Actor/Writer
Johnson & Schuster – Concept/Creative


Testimony by Nicole

A powerful testimony from Nicole. Stephen Wollwerth from Praise Assemble Church wanted to produce a series of personal testimonies that featured people describing what it took to be delivered from life’s challenges. These messages would be featured on their website and play a role in their media ministry. This was one of the first projects using the Canon DSLRs and we wanted to see how good they were in low light. They were fantastic! We shot this at the beautiful ETV Lowcountry soundstage right on the water in Beaufort, SC. Thats me playing the piano and snyth tracks for the score.

R. Scott Johnson
Director/Camera/Editor/Music Score

Stephen Wollwerth


Louis Bruce

A short piece on Louis Bruce, a gifted painter who resides in Port Royal, SC. The piece was produced for the SCETV program “The Big Picture.” My engineer, Mike Milburn, and I spent a great afternoon with Louis in his home admiring his beautiful work and enjoying the espresso he whipped up for us. I would like to do more projects like this. I believe the short personal profile film is an underutilized asset that individuals and organizations can use to instantly convey their character, business philosophy and mission. Thanks Louis!

Director/Camera/Editor – R. Scott Johnson
Engineer – Mike Milburn


Penn Center

A documentary film about “Penn Center” in Beaufort, South Carolina that tells the story of the Penn School that began in 1862 as a program to educate Sea Island slaves freed at the beginning of the Civil War.

Executive Producer: R. Scott Johnson

Running time 26:49

The Shore

A short film featuring my son Tyler. The older and wiser I get; I realize how special simple moments like this, really are. So often, those of us who have a career filming everyone else for paid projects forget the importance of taking pictures and making films of our family and friends.

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