Psalm 23

I had the pleasure of working on this “Psalm 23” video for David Schaffer.  I have come to realize that my business is a ministry, so I am thankful for opportunities to partner with folks that want to spread the Gospel.

Legacy Springs Ranch

Legacy Springs Ranch in its entirety totals an outstanding 21,305 acres. Located in Texas Hill Country, it is one of the largest remaining ranches in the area. The ranch is roughly 70 miles northwest of downtown Austin- the hub of a thriving city that shows no signs of slowing down. With elevations ranging from 1,020 feet to 1,600 feet above sea level, there is no doubt that this property is something special. For the first time, portions of Legacy Springs Ranch are being offered as three separate parcels.

The Carrier Will Lead

“The Carrier Will Lead” is a documentary film produced by ETV/PBS for the USS Yorktown. The film won a Silver Telly award for Non-Broadcast Motivational, and a Bronze Telly award for History/Biography.  I had the pleasure of filming with the Columbia crew for 4 days aboard the huge ship in Charleston, South Carolina.   I also created the opening title sequence featured here. Enjoy. RSJ.

Blast Beats Evolved

When one of the top drummers in the world needed some motion graphics to kick off his DVD “Blast Beats Evolved,” Derek Roddy called me to see if we could make it happen. This was a great opportunity to partner with Derek and the best instructional music publishing company in the world “Hudson Music” in New York.



Recently I had an opportunity to shoot the “Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic.” Normally I would gear up and head off to the race alone, but I invited a friend of mine that recently began focusing on photography. After we enjoyed an excellent meal at Panini’s we headed out to get some great images.

Toward the end of the race, we wound up shooting from the same location. After every shot we would show each other what we captured, talking about what worked and what didn’t. We compared notes about how the street lamps gave a beautiful fill light on one of the turns, and I watched him get some creative slow-shutter images that never occurred to me. Once again I was reminded about the value of “collaboration.” It’s very rewarding to share what we know, and to gain inspiration from others.

Website Redesign!

Welcome to my new blog site. Since 2004 I’ve had several different site styles for “R. Scott” Like most people in the media business I tended to use Adobe Flash, but now just about everyone is using WordPress to drive their sites. I’m really excited to begin this journey of “regular” site updates, and just plain putting my thoughts out there.