Graham’s Turnout Plantation

Compass South Land Sales chose me to produce and direct this film featuring one of their Premier Country Estates. Graham’s Turnout is a 8 million dollar retreat located in South Carolina, featuring trophy deer, competition-level sporting clays and pheasant hunting.  We decided to film this property with a very fluid camera style.  The Movi camera stabilizer and aerial drones gave use the look we envisioned.   If you are a real estate company offering executive-level properties; I would love to explain how high-end video and targeted social media can benefit your business.   © 2015  R. Scott Johnson

Goodbye Canon, Hello Panasonic Lumix GH4


For the last year, I have been using the Canon 5D3 for stills and video production.  Recently I purchased the Panasonic Lumix GH4 for its internal 4K video mode.  Wow, I have been impressed with the resolution.  Coming from the 5D3, using the GH4 has been an amazing step-up in video quality.   After a few weeks of testing the new camera, it was clear that I would never again use the Canon for video.  The only question was whether I would be able to use the GH4 for my photography projects.  The answer is yes!  The picture above was taken with the GH4 and the Lumix 7-14mm Lens.

To summarize the GH4 in a single sentence, I would say it is a camera that is fully competitive in terms of features, functionality, and image quality with anything currently on the market.  If a 16MP image size is adequate for your shooting, then you’ll likely find the GH4 a very practical and enjoyable stills camera.

When it comes to video, the GH4 is in a class of its own. There is nothing currently on the market, or even announced from any manufacturer, that can trump the GH4 when it comes to internal 4K video in a DSLR form factor.  So for today, The GH4 is a welcome addition to the Lowcountry Pictures production kit.

Tucked Away Plantation

The challenge: to market a beautiful property for sale in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Compass South Land Sales wanted to highlight the character and emotion of “Tucked Away Plantation.” The footage is cinematic and the soundtrack is epic! Someone will watch this film and “have to have” this beautiful place.